About us

The Israel Support Center for Children Art is an organization which deals with searching, supporting and providing assistance to young talents in the sphere of instrumental, vocal and choreographic arts.
The Center holds concerts, festivals and contests for thousands of children from Israel and abroad. 

Main Activities:

Holding international children music festivals
Organizing annual contests f and awarding “Teacher of the Year”.
Providing participation of the Center’s children in Israel and international contests

Issuing CDs and audio cassettes with records of contests’ winners performance

Providing grants for gifted children (grants assigned to payment of study, purchase of musical instruments, professional literature, stage wear, trips to contests or international master-classes etc.).
Issuing calendars, posters, leaflets etc. to the most prominent events in the activity of the Center.

Promoting children musical projects in radio, TV and other media.

Holding teachers’ seminars, master-classes, workshops.

Organizing summer holidays for talented children.

Providing tutorial and technical support to soloists, ensembles, bands and choirs.

Providing international creative exchange.

We are open to any forms of cooperation in the sphere of children arts.

Video about us:

Memory evening – 5 years since the murder of children disco “Dolphinarium”

International summer camp 2006

International summer camp 2007
International summer camp 2009

Elion Vilenchik

General Director

Irena Deitch

Art Director

The artistic committee

Inna Okun


Svetlana Epshtein

 Vocal Teacher

Irina Miroshnikov

Vocal Teacher

Tali Beilin

Dance Teacher

Michael Miriminsky

Piano Teacher

Evgeniy Klyaiman


Arina Belozer

Ira Haikin


Anna Krusiner (Fishkina)

Vocal Teacher